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About Us

The Division of Public Safety Leadership’s (PSL) core purpose is to develop leaders in both public safety and community public sector organizations through teaching, scholarship and community outreach.

PSL defines public safety organizations as federal, state and local law enforcement; fire and emergency; military; intelligence analysis; medical services; public health; transit; private security; and occupational safety.

In addition, PSL includes community public sector organizations, such as public health; housing; drug treatment centers; jobs development; education administration; small business associations; industry/community relations; community supervision; legal aid; mental health; and recreation and parks. Leaders and aspiring leaders from all facets of a community gather to learn among themselves, form lasting relationships, build trust among each other, and become more effective in having a greater collective impact.

Along with protecting life, property and reducing and managing crime, leaders are asked to respond to their followers’ concerns and fears, matters related to local and national security, and social conditions beyond their control. The public’s expectation for enhanced public safety and community services is at an all-time high. The changing role and mission of public safety and community service organizations necessitate innovative leadership approaches to providing quality service.

Today’s public safety and community service professionals must meet the challenges of increased scrutiny, a highly charged political environment, public demand for lasting change, a shortage of qualified personnel, and leading with limited resources.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our programs of study, initiatives or research.

You serve our communities. We look forward to serving you.