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Alumni Profiles

Why JHU? Here are some of the reasons our alumni chose Johns Hopkins University for their pursuit of an advanced degree:

  • extraordinary support; strength within the academic community
  • value
  • unparalleled convenience
  • compelling reputation
  • career advancement opportunities
  • commitment to research
  • exemplary faculty

Here's what some of our recent alumni had to say about our programs:

"I started at Hopkins as an undergrad in the BS in Management program, and then continued on to get my MS in Management. The network of talented and commited people I met at Hopkins, both faculty and students, is invaluable. Quality professional connections and support are always but a phone call or email away."

"I commuted from the Eastern Shore, across the Bay Bridge, every other week for three years so that I could be a part of Hopkins' legacy. When a career opportunity is that good, a little car time is worth it!"

"I chose Johns Hopkins because of the career advancement opportunities I was confident their degree would offer. In fact, I am proud to report that since my graduation, I have been promoted to Chief of the Firearms Programs Division at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). I now lead a team of nearly 100 employees and oversee five branches including all of ATF's international offices."

"During my graduate program, I studied the twelve-hour state trooper shift -- looking specifically at the effect sleet deprivation had on troopers' efficacy and safety. After compiling the reserach, the conclusion was so compelling that the research findings were shared, and statewide policy was modified from a 12- to eight-hour trooper shift."

"I chose Johns Hopkins because of the exemplary faculty. I knew that to get the most out of a degree program, I would have to be led by the best. My studies allowed me to not only study under, but to also work alongside experts on groundbreaking research studies that relate directly to my field. The relationship I forged with faculty continues to offer tremendous professional development and innovative research opportunities."

We encourage you to listen to what our alumni have to say !


Cohort Start Dates

BS Organizational Leadership
August 18, 2017

Online MS Organizational Leadership
January 22, 2018

MS Organizational Leadership
January 19, 2018

MS Intelligence Analysis
January 20, 2018

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