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Participants in the our programs enjoy benefits that extend from themselves, to their agencies and community.

Benefits to Self

  • Participation in one of the nation's most comprehensive, interdisciplinary programs designed specifically for public safety and intelligence analysis professionals
  • A rigorous curriculum built on four themes: quality leadership, values, ethics and integrity, managing differences, and interagency cooperation and collaboration.
  • Interaction with colleagues from various agencies and intelligence analysis functions and forge lasting relationships and networks.
  • Involvement in projects and research of local, regional, and national importance.
  • Education designed to develop new and enhance existing skills in leadership, management, human resources, planning, and problem solving.
  • Students enhance their creative, imaginative, analytical, intuitive, and strategic thinking skills and capabilities
  • Interaction with recognized experts in leadership, ethics, strategic planning, policy development, community development, resource allocation, and other areas and disciplines.
  • Career enhancement.

Benefits to Agency

  • Quality leadership development, designed to meet the needs of agencies serving the region (Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania).
  • Long-term, ongoing approach to developing quality public safety and intelligence analysis professionals.
  • Improved inter-jurisdictional relationships, bringing together a corps of public safety and intelligence analysis professionals to working to address local, regional and national issues.
  • Exceptional opportunity for participants to put the skills they gain into practice, working on issues that affect their agency as well as those that affect the entire region.
  • Ability to assess the progress of participants in developing leadership
  • Long-term working relationships among the participants, who go on to become mentors to those who follow in the program.

Benefits to Community

  • Public Safety and Intelliegence Analyis professionals from the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area meet on a regular basis to understand and resolve shared concerns, identify alternatives to traditional practices, pool resources, and consider joint practices and procedures.
  • Inter-jurisdictional response to current issues of importance such as community fear, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual harassment, hate crimes, cultural conflicts, child abuse, drugs, safety in schools are developed, and more.
  • Enhanced community service through interaction among leaders in public safety and other allied public agencies, businesses, the nonprofit community, the faith community, as well as other organizations.
  • Exposure of public safety leaders from throughout the region to best practices in policing, public safety, and community service.
  • Facilitated interaction between public safety leaders and a team of renowned instructors and lecturers from various professions and fields.


Cohort Start Dates

BS Organizational Leadership
August 18, 2017

Online MS Organizational Leadership
January 22, 2018

MS Organizational Leadership
January 19, 2018

MS Intelligence Analysis
January 20, 2018

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