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Douglas Ward quoted in Baltimore Sun sory about tracking suspects with GPS devices

Director of the Division of Public Safety Leadership Doug Ward was quoted in a story this week in the Baltimore Sun, discussing the ethics of police using the cell phone GPS device of a suspect to track them.

"For investigators, the cellphone has become one of the greatest tools available," he said.

"But certainly we want to do this the right way and protect peoples rights. This technology is going to cause more and more of these arguments, and the courts are going to have to settle how it all turns out. Like anything else, there can be abuses. Justice demands that we weigh that."

The story in question centers around a recent refusal by U.S. District Judge Susan K. Gauvey to issue a warrant to track a suspect through his cell phone - saying that the government was trying to use the technology in a new way "not to collect evidence of a crime but solely to locate a charged defendant."

Various courts have muddled ruling on such cases, so it will be interesting to see what direction such methods take in the future, as more and more people have cellular phones.

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