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Executive Development

Learning leadership lessons from historic events, especially when immersed in a field experience standing on the very spot where the history occurred, provides a very rich and rewarding learning experience. Participants, in credit-bearing programs and non-credit leadership teams representing various organizations, regularly participate in an array of field study experiences offering a unique sense of history and how the many lessons to be learned through it can greatly enhance their contemporary leadership skills. To learn more about executive development opportunities for your organization please contact us at 410-516-9900.

Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknowns

Few experiences in one’s life more effectively drive home concepts of sacrifice, duty, honor, dedication, and mission than a field learning experience at the Tomb of the Unknowns and Arlington National Cemetery. The experience provides participants with the opportunity to learn firsthand from the Sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknowns; lessons on modeling leadership, commitment to mission, duty, honor, motivation and ethics. During this experience they observe the Tomb Guards perform their mission, and learn that it is conducted both day and night, everyday. The performance level expected of a Tomb guard is perfection, even when no one is watching. The Cemetery exemplifies the consequences of leadership and serves as a metaphor to illustrate the duty of all leaders to honor those having served the mission of their organization and to make the best possible leadership decisions, provide the best training, equipment, and guidance to avoid potentially dire consequences. This emotionally rich experience regularly leaves participants saying they have experienced a life-changing event.


Gettysburg Leadership Staff Rides

Leadership can be enhanced through the study of history. History comes alive for students as they walk in the footsteps of Confederate soldiers in Pickett’s Charge. The three-day immersion experience of the Gettysburg Leadership Staff Ride teaches a wide array of leadership lessons and can be tailored to specific needs of organizations. Participants come face to face with an amazing impersonator/historian portraying President Abraham Lincoln. A guided tour of the  battlefield  led by a licensed battlefield guide and historian caps this exciting learning experience provided by the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University. Take the lessons of Gettysburg  back to your organization to improve communication, team building, and strategic thinking. See the improvement in your team after this unique experience.


Leadership and the Holocaust: Lessons to learn, lessons to never forget.

Which segments of society in Nazi Germany turned their heads to the Holocaust? How were the police and other governmental organizations complicit in perhaps the greatest human disaster in history? How can we make sure this can never happen again? This three-day seminar allows students to study how segments of societies can tacitly allow their governments to commit horrific deeds. Learn from history how best to protect our society from repeating the horrors of the past. Facilitated classroom discussions involving faculty of The Johns Hopkins University culminate in a full day at the renowned United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Transform your team through this unique experience.


Fort McHenry Leadership Lessons

View for yourself the birthplace of our “Star Spangled Banner” from aboard a Chesapeake Bay skipjack located in the very spot where Francis Scott Key viewed the rockets red glare over Fort McHenry. History comes alive through this three-day seminar hosted by faculty from The Johns Hopkins University. From the classroom to the deck of the skipjack, participants learn valuable leadership lessons, which will help every day in their organizations.


John Wilkes Booth: Escape From Ford’s Theatre

Re-live history through the eyes of famous actor John Wilkes Booth as you visit Ford’s Theater, the start of a wild adventure leading from Washington, D.C. to Charles County where Booth ultimately met his demise. This three-day seminar illuminates many leadership issues and teaches contemporary lessons as well. Faculty from The Johns Hopkins University breathe life into the last days of Booth’s great escape.

National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Dulles Airport)

Leadership and technology come to life through history as participants explore the impact of technology over the years. Learn how to manage organizations in rapidly changing technological environments by studying aviation, aeronautical weaponry, and the flying machines that changed history. This three-day seminar, presented by faculty from The Johns Hopkins University, digs deeply into the leadership lessons of technological change. Learn how to better adapt, survive, and to push forward.