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Executive Breakfast Series

Every quarter The Executive Breakfast Series brings together public safety decision makers to discuss current issues and emerging trends. The series represents one of the few occasions for leaders of local and state law enforcement agencies in the region to meet collectively with the special agents-in-charge of federal agencies (FBI, DEA, ATFE, NSA, and more). Being the only meeting if its type in the region, participants continue to rely on the unique opportunity it continually offers.

For more information contact: Joe McGowan at

Criminal Investigative Divisions Forum

Regional criminal investigators meet regularly to discuss contemporary issues, and to learn about new trends and technologies. The forum affords a venue and format in which an array of law enforcement organizations can come together to discuss issues, learn together, and share information uniquely suited to their discipline.

For more information contact: Tammy Pedrick at

Internal Affairs Commanders Forum

Regional law enforcement internal investigators from an array of organizations come together regularly to discuss contemporary issues, learn about trends, and receive training in areas related to ethics and integrity in organizations. This sharing among varied organizations enhances coordination and improves leadership in these units.

For more information contact: Tammy Pedrick at

The Regional Police Field Commanders Forum

The Regional Police Field Commanders Forum is a program designed to serve the unique educational, and leadership needs of precinct and district commanders serving the largest police agencies in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area. The goal of the program is improved quality and consistency in the delivery of police services to all people within the greater Metropolitan Area. Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University Division of Public Safety Leadership, the Forum is a partnership between area police and sheriffs' departments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The Field Commanders Forum provides opportunities for education, information sharing, problem identification and problem-solving, and professional support to a cohort group of precinct and district commanders. There are 35 precinct and district commanders in the program. The group meets on a bi-monthly basis. Most of the participants hold the senior rank of captain and major.

The Regional Police Field Commanders Forum is "issues-driven." The Forum moves quickly to address pressing concerns of its members by bringing them together along with subject-area authorities. The Field Commanders Forum is among the first programs of its type in the nation. The JHU model has been replicated in metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

For more information contact: Tammy Pedrick at