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NEW Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

Public safety and public sector professionals nationwide can take advantage of our 36-credit online version of the Division of Public Safety Leadership's nationally recognized face-to-face organizational leadership program that had previously only been offered at The Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

Students will now be able to participate in the same program that has drawn so many top public safety leaders from local, state, and federal agencies - including law enforcement, private security, corrections, fire and emergency medical services, public health, emergency management, and military. More than 70 Police Chiefs have graduated from the face-to-face program.

"I knew that to get the most out of a degree program, I would have to be led by the best. My studies allowed me to not only study under, but also work alongside, experts on groundbreaking research that related directly to my field."

Cathy Lanier, BS '03, MS '04,

Chief, Metropolitan Police Department

"The relationships I made with my cohort colleagues and the faculty continues to give me tremendous networking opportunities and career advancement."

David C. Morris, BS '10, 'MS 11
Chief, Riverdale Park Police Department

In under two years, public safety and public sector professionals from across the nation will learn together in an online cohort, while sharing their collective wealth of real world experiences. Students learn how to master leadership, management, and administration of public sector organizations to enhance their current careers as well as second careers after retirement.

In addition, the online program is specifically designed for adult learners, with adult responsibilities. We know how hard it is to balance work, family and school. So we've built in step-by-step maps that help you manage your workload effectively, and faculty is just minutes away for support. The course design even allows for unexpected personal or professional obligations.

Speak to an admissions representative at 1-877-JHU-SOE1 or

State-specific Information for Online Students

Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.


To speak with a program adviser or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 410-516-9900.


Cohort Start Dates

Online MS Organizational Leadership
January 22, 2018

MS Organizational Leadership
January 19, 2018